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We are committed to using environmentally friendly chemicals and safe cleaning methods. 

Founded in 2009, Bioclean Disaster Services is the only company in Lloydminster that uses only organic and eco-friendly chemicals.  Currently there is no requirement in Canada for disaster restoration companies to tell you about the health and environmental hazards associated with the cleaning chemicals used in your home.  Some common cleaning chemicals used in disaster restoration are poisonous, corrosive and known irritants. 

Though some companies do occasionally use some types of organic cleaning products, Bioclean Disaster Services is committed to using only eco-friendly products when cleaning your home and your personal belongings.


When a chemical is used it can linger in the air and on surfaces.  These chemicals may include: ammonia, MEA DEA or TEA, and phosphates. That is only a portion of chemicals that may be used in stain removers, carpet cleaners, surface degreasers, disinfecting surfaces, and deodorizers.  Lab tests have shown that the above chemicals have been known to cause issues such as asthma, reproductive problems, blood disorders and even cancer. 

Eco-friendly or synthetic? 

We choose eco-friendly.