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Bioclean Disaster Services is fully certified in cleaning meth labs in your home, rental property, or business. Serving the Lloydminster, Wainwright, Vermilion, Cold Lake, Bonnyville, and surrounding area.​​

Finding a meth lab can be one of the most the most devastating experiences a property owner can face. The highly toxic chemicals that are used to make meth are harmful to your both body and the building material.  Without proper removal you risk irreversible damages. The staff at Bioclean disaster services is professionally certified in the cleaning of the meth labs thus ensuring that your health is never compromised and your building is returned to its normal condition.

Whether you have discovered a meth lab in your business rental property in North Battleford or you are have damages from a meth lab in Lloydminster give Bioclean Disaster Services a call and let our trained professionals take care of you, your family, and your home.